The Person

Though friends and family are quick to call Luis out for his long work hours, which often spill into nights and weekends, he makes time to maintain his passions for music, sports and charity.

Luis started playing the violin when he was 11 years old, which many professionals told him was “too old” to start. Yet, within six months Luis became the Concert Master of the orchestra and began traveling internationally with the San Diego Youth Symphony as the 1st violinist. The most important lesson Luis took from this experience was the ability to work with a team. “If you want to create beautiful music, everyone has to be in rhythm,” says Luis. “The same principle applies to home loans. If you want a smooth transaction, all parties need to be in sync.”

Along time member of the Rotary Club, Luis has recently accepted the position of President of the Rancho Santa Fe Rotary Foundation. Working with board members and other volunteers, he helps raise money for the community and organizes events for local non-profits. From passing out blankets to the homeless, to hosting food drives and running programs for veterans, Luis stays busy giving back to San Diego.

For the past 5 years, Luis served as major player in the San Diego Game Face and San Diego Cyclones Baseball Club. As the General Manager of the Travel Baseball Youth Club he served as an advocate for youth sports and encourages kids to get involved with team activities.

Whether you are talking about business, sports or music, teamwork is essential, I work hard, I give back and I am there when people need me. As long as I stand by my values, I know success will follow.

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