Your go-to loan officer in Rancho Santa Fe, Welcome!

Hello everyone, this is Luis Carranza from PrimeLending. I am very excited to be doing this video to give you a little bit of an introduction of who I am and what I do. I’ve been in the industry for over 20 years. I’m very familiar with products all over, with all of our different investors that we have, but what I’m really known for is that I am a problem solver.

What that means is that sometimes you go to a bank or you go to another lender and they can’t do the loan, or maybe they’re struggling, trying to accomplish what your needs are. That’s where I come in! What’s fortunate about being with prime lending is that they gave me the opportunity and the different types of products that help me solve the problems for you. Whether that’s refinancing to get cash out, whether that’s purchasing a home, whether you’re a W2 employee or self-employed person who, maybe your taxes aren’t necessarily reflecting all of the income – I have a product for you.

What distinguishes me from other loan officers is the fact that I really love what I do! I truly love what I do and I love putting in the time – whether it’s all the way till midnight or during the weekend. For those people out there who are business partners, for example, real estate agents, divorce lawyers, bankruptcy lawyers, wealth management people. I’m here to help your clients too.

So if you get an opportunity and you have a problem or you just have a simple question, call me and I will help you. My phone number direct is 619-972-6144 and I look forward to speaking with you.

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