What are you waiting for?

What are you waiting for?

It’s been a crazy last few weeks in Wall St. With so many moving parts affecting the market. What the Media is NOT talking about is how Mortgage Rates are dropping!!! Yes, while all the analyst had predicted 2016 would be the year interest rates would spike up to 5% we are now in a market where they are below 4%.

I speak to clients daily and the most common response I get is “I’ll wait for rate to drop more.” I’ve been hearing this line for 20 years and they wait and wait and wait and by the time they see rates going up again they are too late. This is a great opportunity for you to lower your rate. Think about it, if you have anything in the 4% range or higher you need to get your mortgage reviewed now. If you are looking to purchase a home but the payments were too high with lower interest rates that payment will drop! To all my real estate agent contacts, call your borrowers today! Lets get them pre approved! Whether you have an investment property, vacation home or you primary residence it’s time for a mortgage review to save you money or Get Pre Approved!

I’ve been working for almost 20 years helping clients mortgage needs. I’ve built my career on three simple principals. Constant honesty. Endless support. Open communication!

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Luis Carranza

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