Meet Luis Carranza. Video Exclusive.

While many loan officers only have experience originating loans, Luis knows the entire financing process inside and out. He can take an application, complete processing, work with underwriting, fulfill conditions and submit loans for funding. For a time, he even audited his own files. Today, the Senior Loan Consultant and leader of the Carranza Group uses this immense experience to expertly move his transactions along, meet deadlines and pro-actively troubleshoot potential challenges.

Known for his persistence and ability to think outside the box, Luis attributes much of his success to product knowledge. Having worked at both large banking institutions and boutique brokerages, he has a talent for assembling creative financing solutions and connections to dozens of private investors. Reviews from numerous Real Estate Agents reiterate his gift for finding niche programs and qualifying buyers with unique needs.

Watch this video to learn more about Luis Carranza and his wholesome approach to home financing.

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